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THERA-Trainer senso

Highly efficient for improving mental and physical performance. Especially for seniors and patients with an increased risk of falls or dementia, the THERA-Trainer senso is the ideal training partner.

Cognitive-motor interaction: Every targeted movement results from a complex interplay between sensory stimuli and motor executions, which are coordinated in the central nervous system. This sensitive regulatory cycle can be disrupted by illness, accidents or the aging process and this can have a dramatic effect on our daily lives.


The latest scientific findings show that the combination of movement and thinking tasks is far superior to purely physical training. This is why regular training with the senso is so highly effective:

  • senso improves cognitive performance , such as concentration, attention, goal-directed action, or coordination.
  • senso improves physical performance such as strength, endurance, balance, postural control, reaction time and walking speed.

As a result of improved cognitive-physical performance, many activities of daily living (e.g. walking, standing up, climbing stairs) can be maintained or improved. Risks such as falls or dementia are reduced. Exercisers remain independent and self-sufficient for longer.

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