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THERA-Trainer by medica Medizintechnik GmbH
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LIFE IN MOTION: Our promise to all of those who need it most. Professionelle Bewegungstherapie

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THERA-Trainer bemo
The THERA-Trainer bemo is a therapy device for circular passive, assistive or active movement of the upper and lower extremities, including symmetry display and...
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THERA-Trainer senso
Highly efficient for improving mental and physical performance. Especially for seniors and patients with an increased risk of falls or dementia, the THERA-Train...
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THERA-Trainer tigo
The THERA-Trainer tigo enables people with individual requirements to exercise their legs or upper body with or without motorised assistance - from their chair...
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THERA-Trainer by medica Medizintechnik GmbH

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