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Sinfonia is the most advanced device for functional hand rehabilitation, equipped with a robotic glove able to mobilize fingers (PASSIVE MOBILIZATION), detect patient’s active movements (ACTIVE AND ACTIVE-ASSISTED THERAPIES) and perform BIMANUAL MIRROR TRAINING: thanks to Sinfonia, even the hemiplegic patient can actively guide the exercise. The movements of his ‘healthy’ hand are reproduced on the contralateral limb through the robotic glove.
THERAPIST-DRIVEN MOBILIZATION: Sinfonia allows the therapist to wear a glove endowed with sensors to dynamically guide the movement of the passive mobilization glove on the patient’s hand. Timing and amplitude of finger flexion and extension movements are therefore managed by the operator in real-time, allowing the therapy to be constantly customized, depending on the patient’s response and specific motor task proposed. 
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