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19/01/2022 therapie LEIPZIG

Neurorehabilitation Live in Practice

Many therapists would like to feel more secure and competent, as well as have more background knowledge when diagnosing and treating patients with neurological disorders. At the same time, we have seen rapid developments in the areas of robotic, computer-assisted, equipment-based and virtual-reality treatments. The time has come to bring the two together.

Evidence-based therapies based on robotics and computer technology have proven to be important elements in motor and cognitive neurorehabilitation for a wide range of disorders in patients. Innovative and scientifically evaluated medical aids can therefore play a particularly valuable role in therapy and everyday life for those affected, and make an important contribution to multiprofessional care.

THERAMotion is one of the most modern and innovative therapy practices for neurorehabilitation worldwide. In a special presentation at therapie LEIPZIG, they will be demonstrating how to use and apply the latest evidence- and ICF-based treatment methods in practice. Selected patients with various neurological disorders will be involved in this live session, taking place right in the midst of the therapie LEIPZIG trade exhibition. The event will mainly focus on the professional management of specific robotic, computer-assisted, virtual-reality and equipment-based methods. This live special presentation will showcase realistic options for motor and cognitive rehabilitation in practice, involve visitors in the discussion and presentation, encourage professional debate and dismiss any remaining doubts.

Congress Seminars at therapie LEIPZIG

Maik Hartwig is the founder of THERAMotion and he will be giving an overview of all kinds of robotic and computer-assisted equipment for treating upper and lower limbs, walking and postural control as well as overall motility at the therapie LEIPZIG congress.

The main emphasis of the seminars will be on the practical application of various ICF-based equipment for both inpatient and outpatient therapy management. There will be practical demonstrations of the application of robotic and computer-assisted treatment with reference to various patients. All aspects of this kind of therapy including value for money, practicability, motivation, internal and external evidence and intensity will be critically reviewed.

Using the example of an outpatient practice, the event will show how robotic, computer-assisted and equipment-based methods can be implemented in physiotherapy and ergotherapy and incorporated into IFC management effectively, practicably and evidence-based.

Exhibitor Workshops

In cooperation with the exhibitor Ekso Bionics Europe GmbH, THERAMotion will be presenting the latest exoskeleton systems for overall motion rehabilitation (EksoNR) and multiple treatments of the upper limbs (EksoUE) using practical examples and treatment sequences of affected patients. The accompanying lecture will also explain the significance and benefits of these systems with regards to ICF, as well as examine both evidence-based and regulated neurorehabilitation and demonstrate their application in practice.

Together with SVG Reha-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, there will also be a demonstration of robotic therapy for upper and lower limbs using the MediTutor™ system, consisting of the HandTutor™, the ArmTutor™ and the 3D-Tutor™ as well as the multijoint robotic therapy system Luna-EMG-Robotik.

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