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03/05/2023 therapie LEIPZIG

At the Forefront of Therapy Provision: therapie LEIPZIG 2023 Begins

From Thursday to Saturday (4 to 6 May 2023), therapists and physicians as well as representatives of clinics, practices, industry and politics will be attending the German national therapy and rehabilitation industry get-together in Leipzig. therapie LEIPZIG, the largest information and exchange platform for therapy providers in German-speaking countries, is opening its doors. In a well-filled exhibition hall, established companies as well as promising newcomers will be presenting a wide range of innovative products and solutions to make everyday life in therapeutic practices easier and more cost-effective. Alongside the exhibition, a congress will inform attendees in an accessible and practical way about the latest scientific findings on new forms of treatment as well as therapy and exercise methods.

In addition to testing products, therapie LEIPZIG focuses on certified further training and interdisciplinary exchange of experience. The congress programme provides a content link to the trend topics of the market and the trade fair and, with 180 contributions, offers the agony of choice for all participants. Scientific findings on new forms of treatment as well as therapy and exercise methods will be presented in a clear and practical manner. The topics range from therapy approaches for Long COVID to aftercare of an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.

Interprofessional Collaboration, Integrated Operations

Interprofessional collaboration in therapy and medicine is at the heart of the congress. To promote such collaboration, the congress will be offering joint training courses for the various healthcare professions. These will be dedicated to topics such as therapy methods for long COVID, multi-professional cooperation in geriatrics, the establishment of new therapy methods for neurological diseases and the possibilities offered by new regulations in rehabilitation exercise. The courses will be hosted by medical specialists and professional associations. These include the German Association for Neurotraumatology and Clinical Neurorehabilitation (DGNKN) and the German Association for Neurorehabilitation (DGNR), the Federal Association of Geriatrics (BV Geriatrie), the Saxony Regional Association for Rehabilitation and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases (LVS-PR), the Central German Regional Association for Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine (MLV-PRM), the Saxon Association of Sports Physicians (SSÄB) and the Central German Regional Associations of the National Paralympic Committee Germany (DBS). As major players in the industry, PHYSIO DEUTSCHLAND and the Association for Physiotherapy (VPT) are significant contributors to continuing education programmes for physiotherapists.

Legalisation as an Opportunity: The Use of Cannabis in Therapy and Elite Sports

New on the programme at therapie LEIPZIG are the topics of medicinal cannabis and cannabinoids, the active agents found in the cannabis plant. THE BODY Cannabinoid Expo will be taking place at therapie LEIPZIG and offering a mix of exhibits and talks to inform visitors about how cannabinoids can be used in practical physiotherapy and in sports therapy.

On all 3 days of the event, the exhibition will provide insights into the products, brands and companies currently in the market. The programme of lectures on 5 May will discuss the possible future effects of further legalisation on the medical and therapy sectors in Germany. This will include a detailed look at the use of the cannabinoid known as CBD as an ingredient in sports creams, gels, massage oils, superfoods and supplements for professional and recreational athletes. Visitors can expect keynote speakers such as Finn Hänsel, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sanity Group GmbH and Lars Müller, Founder and CEO of SynBiotic SE.

Experience Robotic Neurorehabilitation Live

A particular highlight of the trade fair will be "Neurorehabilitation Live in Practice". This special exhibition at therapie LEIPZIG will offer the only live demonstrations of digital and robotic therapy and training equipment anywhere in Germany. Together with their physiotherapists and occupational therapists, patients will give live demonstrations of how exoskeletons and exosuits can improve treatment for paralysis sufferers and show the potential of intensive gait therapy in stroke rehabilitation. There will be short guided tours each day with an introduction to the simulated therapy practice, the opportunity to ask questions on managing a practice and information on the latest evidence-based therapy methods.

Debate on the Climate Crisis and Climate Responsibility

In Germany, 5.2 per cent of the total greenhouse gas emissions nationwide are caused by the health industry. In order to implement a sustainable, climate-neutral health industry by 2030, it is essential to take on responsibility for the climate. To achieve this, the German Alliance for Climate Change and Health (KLUG) is hoping to initiate the necessary political and social change.

On Thursday evening, professional visitors to therapie LEIPZIG will be invited to take part in the panel discussion "Planetary Health in the Health Professions". The evening event will be hosted by KLUG and will ask what individual, social and professional action is required by the therapy professions in view of the current climate crisis. Connections between the climate crisis and health will be examined as well as feasible options for therapy practices. The topic will be examined in greater detail and depth at the two-day seminar "The Health Industry Needs Climate Protection" on 5 and 6 May.

Healthy in Old Age: Study on Strength Training in Retirement Homes

Regular physical exercise is the best medicine to maintain a high quality of life into old age. However, innovative exercise concepts and much-needed training standards are rare, particularly in the very retirement homes and assisted living facilities where many elderly and geriatric people live.

In an attempt to push for a change in the way society thinks about exercise in old age, a team from the sports medicine and sports cardiology department at the Technical University of Munich's Klinikum rechts der Isar initiated the "Best Form Study". With support from the Beisheim Foundation, the team is developing a universally applicable exercise programme for retirement homes across Germany, which will be researched as part of the study. The effects of the training programme on physical fitness, the risk of falling, cardio-metabolic factors and other health parameters will be analysed. The Technical University of Munich will be presenting its study at the forum entitled "Medical Fitness / Wellness" on 4 May in the afternoon.

The therapie LEIPZIG 2023 trade fair and congress are open daily from Thursday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm. therapie LEIPZIG is aimed exclusively at professional visitors.

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