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Force Frame

Combining advanced sensors with real-time results and analytics, the ForceFrame is the most adaptable and accurate system for testing muscle strength and imbalance, as well as for prescribing and performing isometric training.

Use the ForceFrame to:

• Perform quick assessments.
• Track progress.
• Perform targeted isometric training.
• Make decisions based on objective data.
Test isometric strength in 35+ positions and train isometric strength in 130+ exercises

With its adjustable frame system and fully rotational crossbar, the ForceFrame can be quickly and easily adjusted to test isometric strength in upper and lower body positions – including hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, and neck muscle groups, as well as custom tests if you feel like getting creative.

Connect the ForceFrame to your iOS device via Bluetooth to see results in real-time so you can provide immediate feedback to clients and review max and average strength, compare strength ratios and imbalances in real-time.

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