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CHELT Therapy
CHELT is the innovative synergy between dry cold air cryotherapy at -30 ° C with thermal control and THEAL laser therapy, which maximizes therapeutic results in both acute and chronic phases. The cold dry air produced by the cryo module is the vector of THEAL laser therapy: the vasoconstriction produced promotes excellent laser diffusion in depth. CHELT is ideal for resolving pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and for healing inflammation and hematomas.


Effectiveness demonstrated by numerous scientific researches and clinical cases.
• 98% of treated patients experience immediate pain relief
• Proven efficacy in the treatment of nerve inflammations
• Maximize photobiomodulation
• Maximizes the main therapeutic effects
• Helps prevent injuries
• Accelerates physical recovery
• Improve performance
• Maximum safety and maximum therapeutic performance thanks to the patented thermal control

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