Reasons to participate

Good reasons for participating in our events

1. Invest in a growing market and in your company‘s future in Germany

In Germany, the provision of medical treatments for patient rehabilitation is regulated by law as part of the health system. This means that health insurance organisations are obliged to include all therapeutic services in their cover (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy). Medical rehabilitation is provided by the following institutions:

Rehabilitation clinics

All in all there are 1,158 clinics for preventative and rehabilitation medicine in Germany. Of these, 54 % are in private hands, 26 % are run by charitable organisations and 20 % are publicly owned.*

Out-patient rehabilitation centres

The number of non-residential rehabilitation centres (day-care centres) has grown sharply in the last few years. There are currently around 500 institutions capable of providing intensive therapy at a local level.

Therapeutic centres

The majority of these centres offer physiotherapy and occupational therapy services. Of these, there are approximately 42,500 licensed practices in the field of physiotherapy, providing physiotherapy treatments as standard out-patient therapy in the period following the acute phase of illness or injury.

There are some 59,000 occupational therapists who provide the treatment prescribed by their doctors for patients with impaired health, including impaired motor function and sensory-motor problems as well as neuropsychological, neurophysiological and psychosocial problems.
The cost of medical treatments in Germany, as at the end of the third quarter of 2014, amounted to approximately EUR 3.,9 billion.**

* Source: German Federal Office of Statistics – 2014
** Source: GKV Heilmittelinformationssystem – 2014

2. Trade fair: international product display for decision makers

With a complete overview of the products and services available for therapies and medical rehabilitation, the leading trade fair in its field in Germany provides its specialist public with important stimulus for their investment decisions. The core of the trade fair features a broad spectrum of therapeutic equipment.

3. The largest interdisciplinary congress for advanced training

With around 3,000 participants, the therapie LEIPZIG congress provides the sector‘s largest interdisciplinary event for professional development in Germany. Besides a certified training for therapists this also offers vocational training for doctors.

Amongst the particular strengths of the congress are the many exciting events, practical demonstrations and interdisciplinary discussions. Alongside specialist topics such as neurology, orthopaedics, sports medicine, physical medicine, oncology and paediatrics, the congress programme will also place emphasis on occupational and speech therapy, as well as on other therapeutic approaches, including aquatherapy, osteopathy and TCM.

4. First-class parallel events

Interesting specialist sessions on, for example, neurology and sports medicine, which take place as part of therapie LEIPZIG, add significantly to the event‘s appeal.